Castor Bean Oil

Castor Bean Oil

Castor Bean Oil Derived Yarn:

Products currently using this fabric: 



  • Clean Range Performance T-Shirt


  • Clean Range Performance Tank-Top
  • Leggings – in combination with BCI cotton (more information to be revealed shortly)


About the Plant:

  • Castor Bean is a renewable plant that grows on marginal and PTE-polluted lands not suitable for food crops (non-arable land)
  • It survives in conditions under which other crops would be severely damaged, allowing seed production with little/no irrigation. 
  • The plant has fast growth and high biomass production which reduces the time required for phytoremediation (using plants to clean up soil, air and water contaminated with hazardous contaminants) 
  • The plant is grown in India, producing jobs for local communities on land which would otherwise be un-arable for food crop growth.


The process from plant growth to the fabric: 

Following growth, the plant is transported to Germany where the oil is extracted from the bean and a complex polymer conversion process occurs, this is then sent to its final destination in the fabric process in Italy. At this stage, the highly technical EVO® yarn is sent for finishing and dyeing.


Life Cycle Assessment Data Analysis:

Data from our supply chain on life cycle assessment at each key point in the fabric production process. The key headlines of this data include:

  • 2,500 lt water saved for each 1000 mt fabric produced in the dyeing and finishing stage – 25% reduction from a standard polyamide
  • 98kw/h and 19kg CO2 energy saved for each 1000 mt fabric produced compared to standard polyamide
  • Climate change indicator = 8.32 kg CO2 eq. – 25%



 Oekotex Standard 100

Bio-based > 85% DIN CERTCO NR 8C096

GRS – Global Recycled Standard

BCI – Better Cotton Initiative

R.E.A.C.H. – harmful substances and chemicals for human health and environment

Tessille e Salute

Fluorocarbon Free