Responsible Consumption and Human Ethics

Over-consumption is driving climate change.

As a small business, it is our responsibility to help reduce unnecessary consumption and raise awareness of buying less but buying better.

We believe that by providing a genuinely low-impact and ethical product with a post-use circular infrastructure, that can perform equally to a highly polluting product available on the market, we are aiding our community in making sustainable choices.

We release limited ranges of products with a specific training/sporting function from accredited European factories to help reduce excessive purchases.

Our fabric factories produce on demand and in specific quantities to avoid over-production and wastage. We are currently working on a project to use the wastage from cut & sew production into special edition garments.

Post-use circularity strategy:

Underpinning the success of the brand sustainability strategy is our product circularity.

Read more about our return and up-cycling schemes here.

To drive a reduction in virgin material consumption, we up-cycle and resell used and old Gravitate products (outside of the warranty period); in return, we offer our customers a significant % discount on their next order with us, plus a free set of socks – more information to be released to customers shortly.

Human ethics:

Everything our supply chain touches and produces has both an impact on our planet but also on the people and communities that aid in its production.

We are passionate about working with suppliers to improve working standards, equality, and fair pay.

As a small business, this is practically impossible due to the required funding to improve certain cultural prerequisites and practices.

We, therefore, have made the decision to base our whole supply chain within the European Union, where working standards are holistically better than in other locations around the World.

Our aim is to have a fully vertical production supply chain where the plant is grown and converted to yarn in the same location to reduce our locational supply chain impact; we are currently working on a project which will achieve this.

For more information or any specific questions, we’d love your feedback; please email