Recycled Cotton

Recycled Cotton

Recycled Cotton:


  • 90% of the Clean Range Socks


About our recycled cotton

Unlike recycled polyester (primary derivation is from a petroleum source – crude oil) recycled cotton is derived from a plant-based source, cotton. As a result, we do not have the same issue with microplastics that are associated with recycled polyester.

  • Recycled cotton does not use new virgin material.

The data:

Key Life Cycle Assessment Data Headlines:


Per 1000kg of recycled cotton used (approximately):


  • 58ha of agricultural land can be saved
  • 6600kg CO2 can be reduced
  • 2783m3 irrigation water can be saved

Climate change indicator [impact category] comparison: 

11,000 kg CO2 eq. for Virgin Cotton

4,380 kg CO2 eq. for Recycled Cotton

Equating to a 120% difference by using recycled cotton.

This is 143% less irrigation water than traditional virgin cotton.

[Data sourced from the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 2020]



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