The loop

Customer return scheme: after our customers have finished using our products (outside the warranty period), we have set up a return scheme for customers to return their product to us in return for a heavy product discount on their next order (specific details to be communicated shortly).

By extending the lifecycle of our products through upcycling and reselling, we can increase the individual value of each product after our customers have finished using it. We then reduce the volume of virgin raw materials we require to make our products.

Increasing the value of our products, avoiding landfill and linear outcomes.

When a product goes to a landfill, we lose control of it. At many landfill sites, the waste is not separated into bio-degradable/non-biodegradable products; these products are often combined and hermetically sealed so they cannot degrade.

Additionally, biodegradable matter releases the most amount of
methane out of any material that goes to landfills. Methane is the most potent greenhouse gas. Despite huge efforts to capture methane and use it as a powerful energy source, landfill sites account for 22% of the UK methane emissions (0.46Mt) SOURCE.

We, therefore, believe it is more important to keep our products
in our value chain; if we do use this option of biodegrading/bio-energy, we use a specialist facility, not a landfill site.